Can it Be

Can it be?

For a moment, I think i think it can

It was.

Maybe, it is.


But can it be?

We know it can

For more than a moment

not so sure.


All the trust in the world,

To navigate this

You said I could

You said I would.


It’s in the in between,

not clear

Still unseen.


But in my mind,

it could be.

For once,

it could be.

Let it be.


Amen. ❤


Be: Indo-European root shared by Latin fui ‘I was,’ fio ‘I become’ and Greek phuein ‘bring forth, cause to grow.’ The origin ofare is uncertain.

Love: Old English lufu, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskritlubhyati ‘desires,’ Latin libet ‘it is pleasing,’ libido ‘desire,’ also by leave2 and lief.


Stuck in between
Almost completely unseen

It’s there
So slight

Get out
No, wait

No, go
I realize how hard you’ve worked.  And how you held me up when I might have collapsed.

You did the best you could.
You did what you knew.

As I did.
As I do.



Spine: late Middle English: shortening of Old French espine, or from Latin spina ‘thorn, prickle, backbone.’